How the bakers create products that our customers love and trust


The bakeries pride themselves on how they create their delicious recipes. The ingredients are simple but the baking process is far from it.

The ingredients in all of our breads are never subjected to the use of pesticides or genetic engineering, with controls in place to check germinating capability and enzyme activity. The Genuine Bavarian ingredients are put into an intensive dry cleaning that separate the grain from debris. This causes no dirt residue to end up in the final process, which is common with other manufacturers. The grains are then washed twice to activate vitamins and the extraction of minerals. Then wet-ground in a special mill to preserve valuable nutrients.

The dough-process is critical for preservation of active components because the ground grain is not stored, but instantly used for making of the dough. No additives or preservatives and only natural sourdough is used to replace industrial yeast.

Once the ingredients and dough is treated with special care, the dough is put into special ovens that are designed to bake ingredients at lower temperatures that take twice as long. Slow and low temperature during baking result in better nutritional value involving protection of heat-sensitive ingredients which intensifies the flavor of the bread.

After baking, the sensitive pasteurization and the packaging process guarantee long shelf-life and freshness.

Before the Genuine Bavarian bread is sent to you, it is double-wrapped to seal in the delicious flavors. This packing system is specially developed consisting of a polyethylene inner bag and a polypropylene outer wrapper. The outer film protects the flavor as well as having a hygiene-related function. The practical inner bag keeps the bread fresh for a time even after the package has been opened. No refrigeration needed until opened.