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Naturally Simple and baked to the highest of standards

For generations, our bakers in Germany have perfected their recipes by using only the finest ingredients. Our three different lines of bread come in Organic Whole Grain, All-Natural Gluten Free and All-Natural Yeast Free. You can now bring these delicious healthy options straight from Germany to your table.

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Our Origins

We are a small but growing, second-generation business. As the sole importers of Genuine Bavarian and H├╝mmlinger brand breads, we have proudly been providing a healthy alternative for clean eating for the past 25 years.

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Our Breads

Rye, water, salt. Baking bread using only three ingredients sounds simple, in fact it is not. The perfection of Genuine Bavarian and H├╝mmlinger breads occurs by accuracy and slow baking. This is how our Organic breads are created.

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